Accidently swept the pictures away

I forgot that my smartphone is connected to picasa and delete all my picture in picasa folder. I'm trying to get it back like before but it seems I didn't back it up at me external harddisk. This is kinda difficult. It is possible that I have to rewrite the articles with new picture. What a stupid mistake, I really hope I can get it fixed as fast as possible.

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Diary? Log? Notes? Performance Journal? Just write it down!

Paperwork anyone? I don't think it is an appealing activities. Trust me, if you want to survive in this business, its all worth it. Will it increase your score? l don't think that how its work. You won't feel the benefit in short term. ln fact, probably you'll find it useless and throw it away. l will mention few benefits below and some tips on later section:

1. Memorize your thoughts. lt is important to keep track on problem you're dealing and how you react to it. At some time you will see mental development. Just write whatever pop up in your head, even it is silly. So if you receive new information you can compare it to what you believe and reason behind it. Shooting is sport that mainly is mental ability, this is one way to develop positive mental attitude.

2. Record your performance and training. For those who already read Lanny Bassham's book, l remember he said would not coach athlete that don't have Performance Journal. There will be a time when you doubt yourself, Wondering what kind of training suit you at certain situation and so on. That's why Performance Journal only record facts. lnclude what you have achieve in the past.

3. Avoid repeat same mistake. It is possible to make same mistake that you have solved in the past. Different circumstance makes you not realize that the problem occur before. If you occasionally read your notes probably same mistake could be avoided. Even you rarely read your notes you know where to look when you got trouble.

Tips :

1. Write only facts specifically as possible. You cannot just write "I'm not in the mood today". why you are not in the mood? does that affect your shooting? what kind of difference that you felt? etc. And you have to write facts. "I shot 60 shots today, I felt..." instead of "On my training today, I...". what kind of training? You'll forget what you have train in few days.

2. Be a problem solver. You won't gain benefit if you just write down your mistake. You have to solve it. "I need to improve my aiming steadiness" won't benefit anything. instead try to write "I need to improve my steadiness because I often make sudden movement when aiming. In that case I should try to adjust my body position before raise my gun".

3. Be yourself, Be creative. Draw symbol, picture, smileys etc. Make it interesting. The whole idea is to capture what's on your brain at this moment. Basic format is good, but it wouldn't hurt to be innovative.

4. Add goal statement. Put it at anywhere you desire. Remind yourself that you do this for goal. Motivate your self to achieve your goal by keep writing it everyday.

I probably upload documents that available for download at other article that include Diary, Training Log, and Performance Journal.
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Passion, talent or training?

Exactly like image above, passion is difference. It what makes you stood up. Shooting needs self-discipline, dedication, hard work, consistency and hours of training. But what ties them together is passion. what is passion? Passion is what makes you save your money to buy pellet than a candy. Passion is what makes you go to range everyday and spend almost 2 hours for shooting. Passion is what makes you join competition whether you gonna win or not. Passion is what stop you from quitting after a bad shooting. Passion is what makes you refuse to give up in the match even it seems hopeless. Passion is what makes you force yourself focus in each shot. Okay, we have established that passion is essential for shooting. The question is, is it something that made by design or earned? I give you simple fact to prove that passion is skill. There's no new-born baby already have passion for shooting. For example, what makes a professional guitarist different from a high school band-guitarist. Professional guitarist play guitar for 6 hours a day and high school guitarist probably just once or twice a week. Why professional guitarist can consistently do that? Because he loves it. Outside that he earn his living and play guitar is part is his job, he loves play guitar whether really producing a music or just doodling. so how he loves it? Because he understand what he is doing, he entertained by it, he play whole-heartily, he want to learn more, and he is happy. That is the point, if you are happy it easier to get the task done. Understand does not mean you have to be expert. Knowledge is part of passion. How can you love someone if you don't know him well? The more you know the more you'll love. so another question is, how to be passionate about shooting consistently? Everyone feel up and down. If you feel less passionate that usual, its normal. But you have to gain it back. All you need to do is keep doing simple stuff related to shooting. For example, for past few weeks my passion is kept decreasing. I was in state like, "the competition is over, so what's next?". But I met my friend, talked about shooting, made me want to review my shooting notebook, I found and read it, doodling, gave me idea to start blogging again and I can feel my passion is returning :) Start by small silly stuff may ended up as a huge step forward.
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Rink Formgriffe

The biggest problem in my country is there's no grip maker specialized in ISSF target shooting. There are few grip maker, but not official for target shooting so I'm not sure they made grip according to ISSF rules. I was using M sized grip, my hand size is XXS. Then I wrote my problem in TargetTalk forum. One of the member suggested me to bought Rink Formgriffe online. Because at that time I didn't know my grip parameter, I send the hand sketch which is one of their service. Its cool that they can recommend grip parameter for me, because if not, I would ended up bought XS size grip.

I also ask about grip rules. They reply fast and friendly. I love it and the grip also fit me. Now I can shoot comfortably :)

If the link above doesn't work, try link below and translate it at google translate
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Abhinav Bindra Launches Autobiography

“Practice is a talent. Hard work is a talent. Perseverance is a talent,” Abhinav Bindra said at his autobiography launch somehow amazed me. I didn't present when his autobiography launched, I just read news while surfing Google. The book launch took place at the Mysore Hall of the ITC Gardenia, Bangalore.

Abhinav Bindra is India's only Gold Medalist shooter in Olympics. The cover page is read, "A Shot at History – My Obsessive Journey to Olympic Gold". This book has 21 chapters start with how Abhinav disappointing result at Olympics Athens 2004  and the story move on to gold at Olympics Beijing 2008. 

What really interest me about this book that this book tells story from no medal to gold medal at highest level of sport competition.

“The cricketer has Test matches through the year, the tennis player has four Grand Slam events in twelve months, the golfer has the same number of majors annually. Constantly, there is an opportunity for redemption, a chance to stake a claim for greatness. Not for me. My only chance comes every four years. My only chance is seventy shots in 125 minutes every four years (the first 60 shots have to be fired in 105 minutes, each of the final ten shots within 75 seconds.”

Rahul Dravid spoke about how intimidating it was to think that Abhinav Bindra has invested his entire career to seize that one moment which only occurs once in every four years.

Abhinav Bindra talked about the ‘meditative experience’ that one gets while training in isolation and what it means to stay oblivious to things one has little control over and invest the heart and soul into what one dreams off.

Dravid conceded that he couldn’t help but notice these similarities between them. “That single minded pursuit of excellence that he talks about, it resonates with me. It is not about the gold medal, but about the quest for the perfect shot, the quest to be the best shooter he possibly can be — that for me is the essence of sport,” Dravid added.

I'm looking forward that how Olympics London 2012 will create more stories like this.
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Eye Domination for Shooting

Ever heard about eye domination? This how to determine it
If you are pistol shooter, you are lucky. because its possible to shot cross-dominant (when you are right-handed but shoot with left eye). But if you are rifle shooter, you have to choose between change your hand or change your eye dominance. According Avianna Chao, it's possible to change eye dominance by keep using it when shooting. At beginning your shot will screw up, but it doesn't take too much time.

See the Image above? Here's the step :
1. Make your hand look like image above
2. Focus on one object, not the hand
3. Place it between your thumb like image above
4. Slowly move your hand closer to your eyes
5. See in which eyes your hand land

Easy but effective
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